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Malta BMX in the Netherlands 2017

Last month, Malta BMX Riders Gianni Zahra went to visit Koen Pastor, Daniel Wedemeijer and the rest of the 040 BMX Park crew for a little BMX Trip! As you can see in the video they had a blast riding! here is what they where up too enjoy!!  

Malta BMX In the Netherlands 2017 on Vimeo.

 The crew would like to thank Koen for being the awesome guide that he was, together with Daniel and the rest of the 040 crew for the amazing time they gave us! 

Tom van den Bogaard California Video

Check out our BMX Fest – Xmas Edition 2nd place winner Tom van den Bogaard‘s video from his time in California, damn this kids is good! 

An insight into BMX – Charlie Ash

Its always great watching a BMX related video of someone you know, its even better when you hear a person from the UK saying that “My Favorite country i’ve been too is Malta”. Thats a good indication that we are doing things right! make sure you follow Charlie on Facebook and Instagram! he is a treat to watch! 

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