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BMX Fest – Easter Edition 2017 Info

We are excited for the up and coming BMX Fest - Easter event! The first BMX Fest of the year! for the first time we will be including scooter competitions during the weekend are here is the plan! 

Here is the Plan: 


6:30pm: Game of Bike Group B
7:30pm: Game of Bike Group A
8.30pm: Game of Scooter 


1:00pm: Indoor Opens
3:00pm: BMX Park Group B
5:00pm: BMX Park Group A
7:00pm: Scooter Park Competition


2:00pm: BMX Races
4:00pm: Bunny Hop Compeition
5:00pm: Big Air Competition

Get ready for a weekend of two wheeled madness! Special thanks to our sponsors: Riot Boutique Bamboo Stores Surf Epic Sports Malta Wheel Wizard (Malta)The Free Way SurfStores - MALTA Jump Street, Sport Malta, UEC and Pembroke Local Council. These are the people who make our events more awesome!! Please share the poster! 

Malta BMX in the Netherlands 2017

Last month, Malta BMX Riders Gianni Zahra went to visit Koen Pastor, Daniel Wedemeijer and the rest of the 040 BMX Park crew for a little BMX Trip! As you can see in the video they had a blast riding! here is what they where up too enjoy!!  

Malta BMX In the Netherlands 2017 on Vimeo.

 The crew would like to thank Koen for being the awesome guide that he was, together with Daniel and the rest of the 040 crew for the amazing time they gave us! 

BMX School Tomorrow and Scouts Visit on Sunday

We are back with BMX School tomorrow at 11.30am and 1:00pm! We also have a small show happening at the Indoor on Sunday for the Stella Maris Scouts! anyone interested in joining us for the show can do so!

We will now leave you guys with this video from Down under! Its always fun watching video’s from there! have a nice weekend! 

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