BMX Fest – Summer Edition 2016


This year we are celebrating 30 years of BMX in Malta! and to celebrate this land mark, we will be hosting an International Park and Trails Jam during our BMX Fest - Summer Edition event.

Dates are confirmed! The event will take place between the 8th - 10th of July.

Here is what to expect:


Friday 8th:

7:00pm: Game of Bike Group B

8:00pm: Game of Bike Group A

8:30pm: Bunny hop Competition

9.30pm: Prime Time Open Air Special

Saturday 9th:

5.30pm: Mini Copper Display Show.

6:00pm: End of Rebel Riders Bike Ride at BMX Track.

6:00pm: Hon.Chris Agius unveiling 30 years anniversary commemorative plaque.

6:30pm: BMX Park Group B.

7:30pm: BMX Park Group A.

8:30pm: BMX Big Air.

9:30pm: Closing Party.

Sunday 10th:

5:00pm: BMX Racing 

6:00pm: Park and Trails Jam begins.

6.30pm: BMX Dirt Group B

7:00pm: BMX Dirt Group A

9:00pm: Bomb Fire

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