Simple Session 2018 Results!

Simple Session 2018 Results!

We had a blast this weekend watching the Simple session at the Indoor Skatepark! Check out the highlights of both the Street and park! Damn things went off!! 

Street Results:

Simple Session 2018 Results

1st - Garrett Reynolds

2nd - Bruno Hoffmann

3rd - Broc Raiford

4th - Reed Stark

5th - Simone Barraco

6th - Mark Burnett

7th - Justin Spriet

8th - Anthony Perrin

9th - Max Chuprina

10th - Jordan Godwin 

11th - Alex Kennedy

12th - Antonio Chavez

Park Results:


1st - Jose Torres

2nd - Irek Rizaev

3rd - Kenneth Tencio

4th - Daniel Dhers

5th - Jack Clark

6th - Ryan Nyquist

7th - Kevin Peraza

8th - Alex Nikulin

9th - Justin Dowell

10th - Kostya Andreev

11th - Larry Edgar

12th - Jacob Nedler