One Week to Go for BMX Fest!

One Week to Go for BMX Fest!

We are almost 1 week away from BMX Fest – Easter Edition! We have an amazing weekend instore for you!! Dont forget that Friday is a public holiday so we will be starting early!!

Here is how its all gonna go down:


3:00pm: Game of Bike Group B

4:00pm: Game of Bike Group A

5:00pm: Bunny hop Competition

6:00pm: BMX Jam


3:00pm: BMX Park Group B

4:00pm: BMX Park Group A

5:00pm: BMX Big Air

6:00pm: BMX Jam


1.30pm: BMX Show at Palazzo Virtu

*Transport from Indoor Skatepark to Rabat at 12.30pm

3:00pm: Closing Party 

We would like to say a big thank you to our sponsors: Madeover clothing, Epic Bikes, Urban Jungle, Pepsi, Bamboo Stores, Riot Boutique Cafe, The Free Way SurfStores – MALTA, Wheel Wizard (Malta), Jump Street, Red Bull, Kunsill Lokali – Pembroke, Oakley Malta, Peace of Mind Electronics Malta and Sport Malta.

Just a reminder about the BMX show we will be having at 1.30pm at the CRICKIDS Festival on the Sunday of our BMX Fest – Easter Edition weekend. The CRICKIDS Festival is a kids festival happening at Palazzo Tal Virtu between the 26th and 27th of March. This will be a festival for families to enjoy some great quality time together during the many fun activities available for both kids and parents. Tickets for this festival can be purchased here.

We will be providing transport for the riders from the Indoor Skatepark, Transport leave the Indoor at 12.30pm. Hope to see you all!