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For as long as I can remember getting stuff done at the BMX track has been quite a challenge. A challenge we all accept and find a way around in order to achieve our goals. It seems to be the BMX mentality, a mentality that I hold dear to me, because it has helped me overcome a fair few obstacles both on and off my bike. Nothing is impossible as long as you have the drive to achieve what you want.

For years now, myself, Johny & other members of the BMX Association have been desperately trying to secure the future of our sport. Our income solely relies on a few generous people (Mostly family members of our committee ) who appreciate our work and want to see us continue doing what we are doing. I have lost count as to how many letters I havewritten to ministers throughout the last 10 years, meetings I have been to, where we have been promised the moon. But…NOTHING HAS HAPPENED!!! I have heard alot of complaints how the facilities at the track are not good, how the floor is not smooth and polished, why are there holes in the ramps? Well, it is because the BMX track has been run by Johny from DAY 1, he has forked out a stupid amount of money to keep the track going… not only Johny, but most of us who love this place so much have forked out a fair bit of cash from our own pockets to keep the track going, or to build some new ramps. This is not to mention the stupid amount of hours we have spent digging, cleaning up and maintaining the area.

Well.. I have reached a point where I am now fed up of this disgusting situation. We are a group of individuals who have setup a place which BMXers can call home. We are trying to do something positive for the community, but we cannot keep on doing what we are doing without the necessary help from the people in charge. By peoplein charge I mean MINISTERS, yes the GOVERNMENT. These are a group of individuals who have been voted into power to help the country move forward, to secure the future. I am not saying BMX is the most important thing in the world, yes there are other pressing issues, but other sports have been getting a ridiculous amount of funding, public parks are sprouting up left right and centre. So why do the people in power see it fit to cast us aside? well I have written yet another letter to the Prime Minister, the Minister for Sport and other house representatives. But there is only so much I can do on my own.

You guys need to make your VOICE HEARD. Below are links to the current governments ministers Facebook pages and I encourage you to post messages on their walls, asking them POLITELY as to why the BMX Association is cast aside. We need to generate as much hype and noise as possible but in a positive way. This is not about our personal political agenda, it is about the future of BMX.  We need to show these people that we exist, what we do is positive and we deserve the same help that everyone else gets.

All you need to do is write a short personal message, stating what BMX is to you. You guys need to dig deep, show why we deserve this help and post it on their main wall; you can also send emails to,

PN Facebook page:

Lets do this





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