BMX Fest – Xmas Edition 2016 Photos

ated with flickr slideshow.

Winners Friday 9th

Game of Bike group A winner: Kurt Oliva

 Game of Bike group B winner: Lydon Tanti

 Bunny Hop Winner: Aaron Grixti

Winners Saturday 10th

BMX Park Beginners:

1st: Lydon Tanti

2nd: Neil Vella

3rd: Danzile Camilleri

Best Trick winner: Neil Vella

BMX Park Amateurs:

1st: Jari Roggeveen (Holland)

2nd: Gilles Theys (Belgium)

3rd: Gianni Zahra

Best Trick winner: Thibault Van Roeyen (Belgium)

Winners Sunday 11th

Open Competition:

1st: Alessandro Barbero (Italy)

2nd: Tom van den Bogaard (Holland)

3rd: Tomass Grinbergs (Latvia)

Best Trick: Alessandro Barbero

Best Maltese Rider: Karl Naja

Big Air Winner: Tom van den Bogaard

Big Air Winner Local: Karl Naja

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