BMX Fest Important Info on Registration

BMX Fest Important Info on Registration

We are a little over than a month away from a weekend of BMX Awesomeness! Soon we will be releasing some BIG news on riders attending the event! So keep your heads up for more posts coming your way! 

We also wanted give you a heads up on the registration of the weekend, all riders riding and taking part in the competitions are to register at the door and pay a 20 euro fee which will cover the entrance fee for the whole weekend and also participation in all the competitions. Outdoor Track will also be available through out the weekend. 

As for people who want to come and watch the event, Friday and Saturday will be a free entrance. On Sunday a 5 Euro entrance fee will be charged at the door. 

This year we have put a lot of effort in making this event the best one yet! so get ready for an amazing weekend!! Schedule can be found below:

Friday 8th:

4:00pm: Bunny Hop Competition Group A

5:00pm: Game of Bike Group B

6:00pm: Game of Bike Group A

7:00pm: Game Of Scoot (Group A and B Groups to be decided on spot)

9:00pm: End of Day party

Saturday 9th:

3.00pm: Scooter Park Competition Group B

4.00pm: Scooter Park Competition Group A

5:00pm: BMX Park Beginner Competition.

7:00pm: BMX Park Amateur Competition.

6:00pm: district by day ft. mella dee [bmx warehouse]

Sunday 10th:

3:00pm: Open BMX Park Competition

7:00pm: Big Air Competition

9:00pm: End of Day party