BMX Fest – Easter Edition 2019 Schedule

BMX Fest – Easter Edition 2019 Schedule

BMX Fest - Easter Schedule

BMX Fest - Easter Edition is around the corner and here is what the weekend will look like for the first BMX Fest event of 2019! 

Friday 19th

6:00pm: Game of Bike Group B

7:00pm: Game of Bike Group A

Saturday 20th: Tigulio Car Park

1.00pm onwards - BMX Show/Jam at the Tugulio Car Park in Colloboration with Follow the white rabbit hip hop event

  • BMX Show/Jam 4.20pm
  • Bunny Hop Competition 5.00pm
  • Big Air 6.00pm

HELMETS are a MUST! - Scooters and Skateboarders also welcome for Jam

Sunday 21st - BMX Races at BMX Track

BMX Races at 1.00pm


  • Age Under 7
  • Age 7-12
  • Age 12-16

It should be a fun weekend and we hope that everyone would be able to make it for the weekend! We are looking foward to have a fun setup on Saturday at the Tigullio Car Park! Get ready for a wild setup!