Graffiti Weekend, New Indoor Entrance Fee & End of Summer Party

Sup Guys,

We got quiet a lot of news for you today!! After hearing a lot off feedback from many of you, we have decided to change the Entrance fee of the Indoor Skatepark to 3 euro.

Having almost painted all of the walls in the Street/Skate section, we decided to organize a graffiti weekend where we will give any graffiti artist the chance to place his or her mark in our Skate/Street Section.

 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

The graffiti weekend will be held between the 6th and 7th of September, any Graffiti artists interested in taking part in the weekend is to send us an email on We will then give you more information regarding the weekend. We will be releasing an event page very shortly :)

The weekend after we will be hosting an end of summer party at the Indoor, we will be  organising a Jam during the afternoon and closing the night with a massive part!! more information is to come out very soon!  so stay tuned!



Midweek News – Indoor BMX and Skate Session Tonight

Just a heads up that this evening we will be having our weekly session at the Indoor Skatepark, everyone is welcome to come and join ;) Session starts after 6.30pm!!

Hope to see you there!! Here is a Video of Drew Bezanson shredding street to get you hyped for tonight session :D


Weekend News – Indoor Session Tonight and Skate/Street Section Open!!

Hey Guys,


Just a heads up that this evening our weekly indoor session will be taking place at 6.30pm.

As many of you have heard We have started to build the Skate/Street area in the second section of the indoor and although we still have more work to be done inside, it is open to anyone who would like to come and use the ramps we have ready! Just dont forget to bring your helmet with you ;)

Hope you guys have a gr8 weekend!!

BMX School Today and Indoor Night Session Tomorrow!!


Sup Guys,

Just a reminder about todays BMX school happening with our Number one coach Aaron. The Lesson starts at 6.30pm, perfect time to start practicing for the start of the new racing season!!

As mentioned last week, tomorrow we will be having our weekly night session at the indoor skatepark starting also at 6.30!

Will now leave you guys with this awesome video to get pumped for some riding!!


Weekend News – Friday Night Session & Game of Skate/Bike


Hey Guys,Just a little bit of news on whats happening this Weekend!!

Tonight we have an Night Session happening at the Indoor Skatepark which will be re-occurring every other week!! so feel free to come by and join in the fun at 6:00pm

On Saturday a game of Bike and Skate will be taking place at subway for anyone who is interested in joining! Every participate will be paying 1 euro and the winner takes all!! Here is the Facebook event page

Aki from Riot has also decided to sponsor the event! so a Big Thank you to Aki from Riot for being the man!!

Hope you all have a smashing weekend on your two wheels ;) Gonna leave you with this Video: Game of BIKE: Stevie Churchill vs Chad Kerley to get you all hyped for the weekend :D Enjoy!
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