Weekend News – Friday Night Session & Game of Skate/Bike


Hey Guys,Just a little bit of news on whats happening this Weekend!!

Tonight we have an Night Session happening at the Indoor Skatepark which will be re-occurring every other week!! so feel free to come by and join in the fun at 6:00pm

On Saturday a game of Bike and Skate will be taking place at subway for anyone who is interested in joining! Every participate will be paying 1 euro and the winner takes all!! Here is the Facebook event page

Aki from Riot has also decided to sponsor the event! so a Big Thank you to Aki from Riot for being the man!!

Hope you all have a smashing weekend on your two wheels ;) Gonna leave you with this Video: Game of BIKE: Stevie Churchill vs Chad Kerley to get you all hyped for the weekend :D Enjoy!

BMX Fest 2014 – Thank You!!


BMX Fest 2014 has come to an end!! We thank everyone for coming through out the weekend to support and compete in the competitions!

The full results of the weekend are as follows:

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BMX Fest 2014 – How its all gonna go down!


Tomorrow it all begins!! Ramps are all ready and jumps all patched!!

We will kick of the Event tomorrow with the First Competition of the Weekend happening at the Skatepark at the Track. Group B will start at 7:00pm and group A at 7.30pm.

On Saturday we will Start of with the Bunny Hop competition at 5.30pm, followed by the Big Air Competition. At 6.30pm the Skateboarding Competition will begin starting with Group B and followed by Group A, Once the skateboarding competition is finished we will start the BMX Competition, starting with Group B followed by Group A. Once the competitions are all set we will have our Local DJ’s supplying the tunes to close the evening. The whole day will be spent at the Indoor.

On Sunday we will have a whole day at the Track, Starting at 5.00pm with the Races where we will have four age group (Under 7, 7-13. 13-16 and Over 16). After the races we will have the death ramp competition followed by the Dirt Competition. Once all the competitions are done we will have the presentation of trophies and prizes to the winners of the Competitions through out the weekend. After the presentation we will have a closing BBQ to close of an awesome weekend.

People taking part in the competitions will all be charged 5 euro.

A REMINDER that people will be allowed to CAMP at the Indoor over the weekend for a fee of 10 euro, use of Toilets, Showers and breakfast will be included.

We hope that all of you can make it and come and enjoy the fun with us!! We want you to all know that everyone is welcome to join the event, like all other events of Malta BMX, this event is an Open event open to all.

Finally I would like to thank our awesome sponsors Riot Boutique Cafe , Bamboo Stores , Pedal Power Malta, Wheel Wizard (Malta) Jump Street and The Free Way SurfStores – MALTA

Thanks for all the Awesome prizes!!

lets do this!!


T- 2 Days to BMX Fest


We are almost there!! Everything is almost set inside the indoor!! We are now turning to prepare the Park Course at the Track and also get the Race track ready for Races and the Dirt Competition!

here are a few pics on the latest editions in the Indoor Skatepark

We really hope to see all of you come and enjoy yourselves with us this weekend!! Everyone is welcome to Join!

Big Shout out goes to Our awesome Sponsors: Riot Boutique Cafe , Bamboo Stores , Pedal Power Malta, Wheel Wizard (Malta) Jump Street, The Free Way SurfStores – MALTA

Thanks for all the Awesome prizes!!

BMX Fest 2014 – ALL THE INFO – Skateboarding Competition Included!


Its that time of year again!! Malta BMX will be organising its yearly event BMX Fest, this year being a bit Different then the previous events!

This year we will be hosting a BMX and SKATEBOARDING competition within the Indoor Skatepark! being the first competitions to take place within the Indoor Skatepark.

The Skateboarding competition will take place in the BMX section of the Skatepark which is designed to be used by skateboarders as well.

This year we will be allowing those who would like to camp at the indoor over the weekend at a price of 10 euros for the whole weekend (Sleeping Friday and Saturday). With the 10 euro you are entitled a free breakfast, use of showers and toilets.

We will also be organising a Party in the Indoor Skatepark on Saturday to close off an awesome day! on Sunday we will be organising a closing BBQ after the competitions where we will be joined by the Rebel Riders-Brotherhood as they will be ending a Bike Ride at the BMX track. Continue reading

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