BMX Fest – Xmas Edition Update 2#

Matt Roe

Sup Guys,

As promised! Here is another update on who will be taking part in this years BMX Fest – Pro Competition. Our Second rider taking part is Matt Roe!! another rider from Fly who has loads of Style!! Just have a look yourself with the video below!!

More to come so stay tuned!!


Mid Week News – BMX School this weekend

Hey Guys,

Just to let you know that BMX school will be starting this Saturday with our Coach Aaron at 12:00pm! Make sure to get your bikes ready for the new season!! All riders must be wearing safety equipment!! Helmets are a must! The fee for the school is 5 euro for 1.5 Hour lesson.

Many of you have heard that one of the BMX Riders that are taking part in the BMX Fest – Xmas Edition Competition is Sergio Layos!! Red Bull have recently released this awesome video of him! Here you can really see why so many people call him Stylish!! Hope you enjoy!!



BMX Fest – Xmas Edition – Update


Hey Guys,

As I mentioned before. Starting from this week, we will be releasing information regarding BMX Fest happening in December!! and we have some awesome news for you today!!

The first confirmed rider to take part in the PRO division of BMX Fest is Sergio Layos!! Most of you dont need me to tell you who Sergio Layos is!! as he is renowned for being one of the most stylish riders today!! and can ride anything from bowls, park, trails… anything!! and not only that he can ride it! but he will do so with style!! Have a look at the Video below to have a better clue what im talking about!!

We will be announcing another rider next week ;) so stay tuned!


Racing Season To Start 26th October!! – Get your Bikes Serviced and Ready to go!!

Racing is back!!!

Summer is pretty much over!! so this only means that the Racing Season is back!!

The first race of the season is to begin on Sunday the 26th of October at 1:oo pm,  we will have a BMX School Lesson before to get you all ready for the race!! So get your protection gear ready and bikes serviced!!

The Racing Calendar is as follows and you can get all the updates on the races here. or follow us on our Facebook Group


BMX School To Start End Of October!


Hey Guys,
Just a heads up that BMX School with our Coach Aaron Axisa is to start on the End of October, we will be releasing the date and time of the lesson closer to the date. The duration of the lesson will be of 1.5 hours at a fee of 5 Euro, all riders must be wearing a helmet during the lesson.

The lesson’s cover basic riding techniques, such as pumping,  jumping ramps, and getting the riders ready for BMX Racing. We encourage anyone over 5 years old to join and learn how ride BMX!

You can join Our Facebook Group or Page to get all the updates on upcoming lessons and events.

One Last thing, dont forget to check out our Next event BMX Fest Xmas Edition – International Park Competition, you get all the updates on the event here or on our Facebook event Page! .

Hope you have a nice week!!



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