BMX Fest Xmas Edition – Less then Six Weeks to Go!!

BMX Fest

Thats right!! We have less then six weeks to go for Malta’s biggest BMX event to date!! As most of you have heard, for the first time in Malta.

Malta BMX will be hosting an International BMX event between the 5th and 6th of December!! For those who dont now how things are gonna go down, here is the break down:

Friday 5th

5:oopm onwards: Open Day Practice for all.

Saturday 6th:

2:00pm: Opening of Skate/Street Section

3:00pm: Skateboarding Competition Group B

4:00pm: Skateboarding Competition Group A

5:00pm: Beginner BMX Competition

6:00pm: Presentation of Competition Winners!!

7:00pm: Closing Day Event (To Be Announced) Continue reading

Racing Season 2014/2015 Kicks off!!

Hey Guys,

Last Sunday we kicked of the Start of the Racing Season! We would like to thank all the parents for bringing their children for race day and also for showing their support!! We hope to see you all again for our next race!! Which will be on the 9th of November, same time same place ;)

Below are some Pictures of the Day taken by Johan! Thanks for these!!

Hope you all have a nice week!
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BMX Fest – Xmas Edition Update #3


As promised, here is an update on BMX Fest – Xmas Edition! The next rider we are proud to announce will be attending the event will be Daniël Wedemeijer!! Coming from Amsterdam, Daniel Wedemeijer was already 14 years old when he started and BMX. However, his age never stood in his way in pursuit of his ambitions. He participated in various competitions, such as the BMX Worlds and Fise and got the chance to join the Nitro Circus crew for the Europe tour in 2013. “ Nitro Circus was a completely new experience, “says Daniel. “The disaster which we drove was the biggest I’ve ever ridden. And there are so many people involved in creating this show for 10 to 20 thousand spectators per show.

Here is the video below of him gearing up for the nitro circus! Expect some stylish riding from this guys during the comp!!

6 Weeks to go people!!! We getting closer with more names to be released!!!
Stay Tuned!!

BMX Racing Season to Kick off this Sunday!!


Hey Guys,

Just a heads up that this Sunday we will start off the racing season 2014/2015. Registration will start at 2.00pm so we advise all of you to be at the track by 1.30pm so we can get the races under way. As we do every year, we will have the following age categories:

  • Under 7
  • 7-13
  • 14-16
  • 16 and oVer

It is very important that everyone will be wearing a helmet and that No PEGS are attached to the bike.

For anyone who is interested in Joining, we will be having a BMX show before at the Presidents bikes show at 11:00am. If you are interested in joining, meet us at the track at 10.30. We will give you a lift too and back from the show ;)

Hope you guys have a great weekend!!


BMX Fest – Xmas Edition Update 2#

Matt Roe

Sup Guys,

As promised! Here is another update on who will be taking part in this years BMX Fest – Pro Competition. Our Second rider taking part is Matt Roe!! another rider from Fly who has loads of Style!! Just have a look yourself with the video below!!

More to come so stay tuned!!


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